Behind every endeavor, great and small, is a story. The Nexus story begins with four people who each had a burden to impact the city of Indianapolis, the state of Indiana, and beyond.

We came from different backgrounds and different areas of the country, but we all landed at the same church in Indianapolis. As we connected and shared our dreams, we began to ask, “What would happen if more business owners ran their companies with specific intentions for community impact?”

Clearly, God was orchestrating a much bigger story. Today, the Nexus Impact Center, a place where social entrepreneurs gather, is the culmination of this dream.

We’ve come a long way…and have a long way to go. Won’t you join us in making impact?


“Nexus” means connection. At Nexus Impact Center, people unite to do good. You’re not in this alone! Join our community where even our name suggests the deep connection we share.

"What if more business owners ran their companies
with specific intentions for community


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Robin Lee

President & EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Robin@nexusimpact.org

Robin is passionate about the Nexus mission and bringing together her extensive experience with financial management, fundraising, and operational matters. Robin oversees the day-to-day operations at Nexus and works with businesses who want to impact the community. She also helps coordinate programs, events and mentoring relationships.

Robin is a CPA, and started her career as an auditor for KPMG with a focus on nonprofits and governments.  She has also worked in government, churches and most recently as executive director for a small foundation. Robin reflects, “I have seen so many nonprofits over the years struggle with revenue, heavily relying on donors and grants. I believe the social enterprise model is a promising strategy to make bigger impact.”   

Natasha Polak

Community Manager

Natasha has a heart for serving people in the Nexus community while using her diverse experience in communication and customer service. She has served as a PTO member with schools in MSD Washington Township, and as Founder of The Barbie Girls Project, she provides needy girls with new and gently-used Barbie dolls from generous donors worldwide.

Natasha is a Christian author and freelance writer who started her career working in retail while writing online content for websites and volunteering with her church to help teach and write church school lessons for ages 8 to adult. Over the years, she went on serve in administrative assistant roles for HR, the DNR, and in Education. Her favorite quote is “See a need, fill a need,” from the movie Robots.


Stephanie Fernhaber

Vice President

Stephanie teaches entrepreneurship, innovation and business at Butler University as an associate professor. She understands the value of using business as a force for good and is passionate about creating ways to spur innovation to address social problems. 

In addition to teaching, Stephanie conducts research in the areas of international entrepreneurship, networks and new venture strategy.  Her research has been published in various academic journals.  She has also co-created two books;  Routledge Companion to International Entrepreneurship, and Teaching the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Engineers. 



Emil is the National Executive Director for the GEO Foundation a nonprofit organization that partners with local community leaders to start, support, and manage high-quality K-12 charter schools across the US. 

Emil is also the founder and CEO of Enabek Solutions, a social enterprise that works with U.S. and Sub Saharan African entrepreneurs looking to expand and benefit from the rapid growth in Sub-Saharan imports/exports and growing markets.

Emil serves as the President of the Indianapolis Chapter of Indiana Black Expo, President of Indy Youth Sports, member of the NFL Former Players Indianapolis Chapter, Executive Board Member Friends of Education.



Derrin is the Founder and CPO of ProAct Indy, a social enterprise nonprofit that has trained and led teams to engage over 25,000 boys and girls and corporate employees to value intentional community engagement and appreciate diversity and equity as an integral part of the their lives.

Slack is a results-driven servant leaders who believes that it is important to build relationships and teach leadership through service, because vulnerable people do not care how much you know, they want to know how much you care.

Derrin is a highly sought-after speaker, training facilitator and consultant to educate on such issues as diversity and equity, community engagement strategies for businesses and nonprofits, and schools.  



As CEO, instructor & author of The Aspirational Business, Dora knows how to help corporate leaders create world-impacting, highly profitable business strategies.  At GivingSpring, her second business, Dora coaches both global organizations and social startups to set a vision for impact and drive execution. 


She has also created and teaches the course Business Planning for Social Entrepreneurs” at Purdue University. 

Dora earned her Shared Value certification in 2016, subsequently serving as the Chair of the Global Council for IMPACT 2030, a cross-sector initiative alongside the UN.  When not working, teaching or spending time with her family, Dora helps lead a Girl Scout troop of 14 fourth-graders and loves spending time with anyone kicking around a big idea.



Tom is the CEO and Founder of Epeenoire, a human resource tech firm that helps socially conscious companies hire socially conscious vendors in the HR space.  He is committed to move the needle with companies for social good.  


Tom has 30 years serving as a pension and health care actuary for Fortune 500 and Main Street companies.  Half of his career has been spent running companies with two successful exits.  

Tom has invested in his community through various board roles and also taught the next generation of actuaries at Notre Dame.  

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Nexus was founded on Christian faith principles to make a positive difference in the world. All are welcome as we work together to create impact.

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